POKEMON with you wagon PIKACHU card, Have you seen?

Do you know this pikachu card?


This card is announced officially as "pokemon with you wagon" campaign card. Though I looked for well, I have never seen that this card trading in any market.

Background of this card

In Japan, A big earthquake happened in Tohoku on March 11, 2011. It was a terrible earthquake. The tsunami caused by the earthquake took life of many people. Also it took the living.. This Pikachu is the Pokemon card which was actually given in the Tohoku region where the damage of the tsunami was particularly heavy from about the middle of November, 2014.pokemonwithyouwagon-1

The following translated the answer that I asked to a official of Pokemon card.

About a promotion card of Pikachu, this is the distributed Pokemon card by disaster relief activities "POKEMON with YOU" that Pokemon corporation carries out for children whom an amusement place is limited at station wagon "POKEMON with YOU wagon," around the coast of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima where the earthquake, tsunami damage was heavy in East Japan great earthquake when they visited from the middle of November, 2014.

被災地支援活動「POKEMON with YOU」が、
ワゴン車「POKEMON with YOU ワゴン」にて、

They also said that can't tell about the actual amount. These cards were ones which existed from the middle of November and I received the answer of the end as soon as these finished distributing.

Researched from the activities report

Based on the answer, I researched from an activities report of POKEMON with you Wagon.

11月23日 宮城県山元町 :約600人

12月6日 宮城県亘理町 吉田西保育所

12月22日 福島県南相馬市 牛越第四応急仮設住宅

January has no activity, resumed from February

2月11日 宮城県気仙沼 気仙沼中学校住宅 (鹿折中学校住宅?)

2月14日 宮城県気仙沼 階上中学校住宅

2月15日 宮城県気仙沼市 旧唐桑小学校住宅

2月21日 福島県喜多方市 ふくしまスマイルキャラバン喜多方会場

2月21日 林城八反田仮設住宅

Also the wagon seems to visit each areas 2-3 times a month from March. I read all articles and it wasn't written that the cards were distributed. If they distribute in all places visiting, it becomes the large amount, but it is hard to think about. Because these are cards which don't have the data that were never traded at Japan auction so far in the past from November. Also I wasn't able to find a report in Twitter, etc.

The only information is from author on twitter(@_NaokiSaito).

Four years passed since the earthquake happened, but the infrastructure is not yet developed and it may be difficult that the distributed cards circulate in a market. If these are the cards distributed to some children, it is more difficult to find. I continue to seek this card.


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