Pokemon Card Game Art Collection 20th Anniversary

A Special book is released as Pokemon card game 20th anniversary on September 16.


It's 350 more artworks from the first to XY-BREAK. 20th anniversary pages are published and It's permanent edition book.


The special interview by the Pokemon card game first development member!

First development members : Tsunekazu Ishihara, Koichi Oyama, Mitsuhiro Arita.

They talk about secret story birth of Pokemon card game and feelings that celebrate 20th anniversary.

Language : Japanese only

Many attractive illustration is drawn with a powerful size

Illustration that everyone was absorbed and wanted to get!!

Hitoshi Ariga teaches how to draw Pokemon

Hitoshi Ariga who have drawn many Pokemon explains how to draw Pokemon and the drawing process of the cover illustration.

Pikachu all Card Collection

Pikachu cards for 20 years are all gathering!

The book gift is a special holo card of full illustration! Charizard EX 276/XY-P

The book gift is available in only this book.

Full art Charizard EX 276/XY-P Promo card

Charizard EX Promo (276/XY-P): Pokemon Card Game Art Collection


"Pokemon Card Game Art Collection" the limited version with a deck shield

In addition "Pokemon Card Game Art Collection" the limited version is released in Pokemon center, Pokemon store and Pokemon center online.

A deck shield of the cover illustration design is included in the limited version.

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