Illustration contest winner from the Pokemon art academy

The prize winner of the contest were announced. It was a campaign to apply for from the Pokemon art academy of the nintendo DS.

[Period: Dec 13, 2014 to Feb 1, 2015 ]

There are two sections and 10 prizes winner in total.

1) Pikachu changing clothes section ( ピカチュウの着せ替えイラスト部門 )

  • gogotake さん
  • ゆきち さん (yukichi-san)
  • しらたま さん (shiratama-san)
  • おにぎり さん (onigiri-san)
  • さやか さん (sayaka-san)

2) 好きなポケモンのイラスト部門 (My favorite Pokemon section)

Prize cards : Each 100 pieces are presented for the prize winners after changing items into Pokemon card.


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