Ichibankuji "Pikachu and Friends -dozing off time-" start!!


Ichibankuji "Pikachu and Friends -dozing off time-" started from August 13. It is carried out in a bookstore, TSUTAYA, hobby shop, amusement arcade, Animate and? Pokemon center.


A prize:Pikachu dozing off stuffed toy

The dozing off Pikachu wearing a nightcap of Ditto pattern and having a pillow of Mareep.

B prize:Mew fluffy big stuffed toy

Mew fluffy big stuffed toy is first appearance in Ichibankuji.



C prize:Sleepover tote bag

Pikachu tail is very cute.

D prize:Gengar yumekui nightcap

Gengar yumekui nightcap can use after taking a bath.

E prize:Pouch
many Mareep and dozing off Pikachu pattern, etc. 3 types.
The designs of the front and back are different.



F prize:Milk bottle type accessory case (with silicon cap.)

Miltank pattern, Pikachu pattern, Mew pattern, 3 types.

Mew pattern may be secret Genger?

G prize: Mascot

Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, 3 types. cute mascot stuffed toy.

H prize: towel

Mew & Eevee, Ditto & Pikachu, Mareep & Pikachu, Gengar, 4 types.


I prize:Rubber collection

Rubber strap. Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, Genger, Chandelure, Banette, etc. 8 types

Last one prize : Genger stuffued toy

The pillow of Mareep is matching with Pikachu


Double chance prize : Pikachu dazing off stuffed toy -sleep ver.-

100 people-limited. The dozing off Pikachu fell asleep at last.


Oyasuminasai... zzz

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