Ash Greninja EX 218/XY-P Promo has Two types

Ash-Greninja-EX 218/XY-P was announced from Pokemon Oficial.

This promo has two types.

WHF 2016: Ash Greninja EX 218/XY-P

One is a card distributed in a World Hobby Fair 2016.

It is possible to get only junior high student and younger children. Hmm, I am an adult, so I cannot get it even if I said that I am still a kid at heart. However, I think that it is easy to get by making full use of adult power(money). No problem, But

100 limited : Ash Greninja EX 218/XY-P


Another one will be distributed in the present campaign of pokemon anime. Only 100 people is possible to get this. Of course, I have applied for this campaign,, but It's very hard to get.

BTW, each difference is only a XYZ logo of pokemon which the card has.
The difference of 100 cards are only this! Ash,,


Then >> Ash Greninja EX has come here, NEXT Serena Sylveon EX?

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