366/SM-P Charizard | Pokemon TCG Promo

366/SM-P Charizard | Pokemon TCG Promo
Card nameCharizard
InformationSeven-Eleven limited set with "Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION" advance ticket
Print typeHolo


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Official information about a release date

  • Pre-order: April 12, 2019 (Fri)
  • Release day: July 5, 2019 (Fri)

Seven-Eleven limited set with "Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION" advance ticket

This set was available to preorder on April 12, 2019 (Fri). It was only sold at Seven-eleven.

Product release will be from July 5, 2019 (Fri).

Price: 3182yen or 2582yen

  • 3182yen = (1650 + tax8%)+1,400yen
  • 2582yen = (1650 + tax8%)+800yen

it must be purchased with the advance ticket(only use JAPAN).

Pokeboon's pre-order

Pre-order mentioned above is just official information and the release date is July. Unfortunately, it can't be listed on ebay.

Please contact us from Instagram(@pokeboon) if you need it. (Middleman service is only for the customer I've dealt before.)

We have closed the pre-order as it has reached the maximum number I can obtain.


  1. Promo card 366/SM-P Charizard x1
  2. Original design tin card box ×1
  3. Latest expansion booster pack x 4 packs
  4. Latest Strength Expansion Pack x 4 Packs
  5. Special JAPAN Advance Ticket with "Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION" Serial Code
  6. "Mewtwo Strikes Back" Present Guide

Why is there a stripe pattern on Charizard?

This is related to the content of the movie. Mewtwo copied charizard.


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