289/SM-P Mimikyu | Pokemon TCG Promo

289/SM-P Mimikyu | Pokemon TCG Promo
Card nameMimikyu
InformationMunch: A Retrospective campaign
Print typeNon-Holo


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Why is Munch Mimikyu expensive?

There are two reasons why it is expensive.

  1. The supply places were not much.
  2. It was hard for one person to get multiple Mimikyu.

Official Mini Card File - with 289/SM-P Mimikyu

Mimikyu was a promo that was inserted in a pokemon card game official mini file - Scream pikachu/Eevee.

Official mini card file

Mini file was able to buy in just 2 places.

1. Tokyo- Munch exhibition 2F shop

It was held from Oct 27, 2018, but was immediately sold out.

Price: 486yen (450+tax)

2. Pokemon center online

It was able to buy up to one per person in online from Oct 27, 2018

Price: 1026yen (450 + shipping 500 + tax)

Official: Japanese ムンク展Xポケモンカードゲーム

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