Red's Pikachu Promo (270/SM-P): Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary Campaign

Image of Red's Pikachu promo

Illus. Ken Sugimori

NameRed's Pikachu
InfoPokemon Center 20th Anniversary Campaign

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Distribution Date: August 25, 2018

Pokémon depicted in the card illustrations

  • Pikachu icon

How to get Red's Pikachu

This card was available as part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the first Pokemon Center. Starting August 25, 2018 for as long as stocks lasted, customers at participating Pokemon Centers (including the Pokemon Center Online) and Pokemon Stores who purchased five booster packs in one transaction were given this card.

Official info - Pokemon card「ポケモンセンター」オープン20周年記念、杉森建氏が描いたアートの「プロモカード」をプレゼント!

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Red's Pikachu is a special artwork by Ken Sugimori. There are several related products.

This picture is one of my collections.

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Official Pokemon center Online「レッド & ピカチュウ」

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