240/SM-P Zekrom GX | Pokemon TCG Promo

240/SM-P Zekrom GX | Pokemon TCG Promo
Card nameZekrom GX
InformationZekrom HR Competition
Print typeHolo


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How to get 240/SM-P Zekrom GX

Shield game is started for the limited promo card from July 6 to August 31, 2018 in conjunction with the release of Thunderclap Spark booster pack. The limited promo card is 240/SM-P Zecrom HR.

Entrants compete using 15 Thunderclap Spark packs and a quantity of basic Energy cards.

Entrants prize : 244/SM-P Samson Oak

Winner prize : Zekrom GX (hyper rare) limited 100 people

This card exists only 100 cards in the world and is one of an extremely valuable cards.


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