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239/XY-P Black Kyurem | Pokemon TCG Promo

239/XY-P Black Kyurem | Pokemon TCG Promo
Card nameBlack Kyurem
InformationMay 2016-July 2016 Pokemon Card Gym pack
Print typeNon-Holo


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XY-P 239 Black Kyurem has a misprint

  • Error: 高さ:3.6m (height 3.6m)
  • Correct: 高さ:3.3m (height 3.3m)

When using a card that requires confirmation of "height" in a battle, "height: 3.3 m" will be regarded as correct.

XY-P GYM Promo card pack #7

This pack was awarded to those who participated in the Pokemon Card Gym tournaments from the month of May through the month of July 2016.

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