Pikachu 203/XY-P : Pokemon Center Dec 12 Promo

A mega campain of Pikachu is carried out in Pokemon center on December 12.
強☆カワ ピカチュウ メガキャンペーン 第1弾
(Tsuyo☆Kawa Pikachu Mega Campain)ponthopikachu

203/XY-P PROMO "Poncho wo kita Pikahcu (ポンチョを着たピカチュウ)"

Various cosplay Pikachu appear. Regarding to Information of card, it's possible to get the promo card of cosplay Pikachu by purchasing any PTCG items for 1000 yen or more. It's Holo promo, 203/XY-P.

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