008/SM-P Pikachu | Pokemon TCG Promo

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008/SM-P Pikachu | Pokemon TCG Promo
Card namePikachu
InformationToys "R" Us exclusive Sun & Moon GX Starter Set (December 9, 2016)
Print typeHolo


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008/SM-P Pikachu was included in a ToysRUs GX starter set.

ToysRUs Limited GX Starter set


ReleaseDecember 9, 2016
Price4668 yen+ tax
  • 008/SM-P Pikachu (Holo)
  • 009/SM-P Mimikyu (Holo)
  • Starter set grass Decidueye GX / 1 box
  • Starter set Flame Incineroar GX / 1 box
  • Starter set water Primarina GX / 1 box

Official - Pokemon card 「トイザらス限定 GXスターターセット」

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